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kitchen exhaust cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services for Sydney & New South Wales

Australian Filter & Duct Services Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

Australian Filter & Duct Services offers Sydney & New South Wales area restaurants complete kitchen exhaust cleaning services. We have the tools to thoroughly clean your commercial kitchen’s hood and ductwork. Getting a your restaurant exhaust system cleaned is required by law and Australian Filter & Duct Services knows how to get the job done right. All of our work where relevant is done in accordance to Australian standards AS 1851-2012 and the strictest health and safety guidelines.

The Facts

Ensuring that your commercial kitchen exhaust system stays clean is essential to keeping the risk of a dangerous kitchen fire to a minimum. Your kitchen exhaust system moves contaminated air containing grease and food particles through the system’s ductwork until it is deposited outdoors. Over time the grease will start to build up inside the ductwork where it is exposed to the heat of your grill which is a recipe for disaster. Commercial kitchens are required by law to get an exhaust cleaning regularly in intervals that vary depending on what type of kitchen you operate.

Our kitchen exhaust services also include repairs and upgrades to ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency. Restaurant hoods are normally running all day and require a significant amount of energy to do their job. Keeping your exhaust system clean and making necessary repairs will make sure that your kitchen hood system is running as efficiently as possible and saving money on energy. We offer emergency service for exhaust system fixes that need to happen as quickly as possible.

Australian Filter & Duct Services has been providing the Sydney & New South Wales area with expert restaurant kitchen exhaust services for over 15 years. We help restaurants run smoothly and efficiently by offering regularly schedule hood cleanings and professional commercial kitchen ventilation installation services. Restaurants with efficiently running kitchen exhaust systems experience a number of benefits from energy savings to cleanliness. Keeping greasy air from getting past your grill will keep your entire restaurant feeling fresh and easier to keep clean.

To learn more on kitchen exhaust cleaning work and the questions restaurant owners must consider before the process begins, speak with the team at Australian Filter & Duct Services directly on 0438 699 196 via or visit their business website at