Laundry Exhaust Cleaning

Laundry Exhaust CleaningLaundry Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial laundry exhaust cleaning is essential as systems are extremely susceptible to a high build-up of lint and hair, which can have disastrous consequences when combined with the heat of the dryers feeding into the system.

Low-use systems with only one dryer generally don’t create an excessive build-up, but the level within high-use systems and systems with multiple dryers can be astounding.

Obstructions caught between filters and machines during drying cycles cause additional fire risk and blockages within the system, causing heat to be confined to one section instead of dispersed through the system. This is a major fire hazard.

It is recommended that most Laundry Exhaust Cleaning is conducted on an annual basis; however, some high-frequency large scale laundry exhaust systems may need to be cleaned more often.

We clean laundry exhaust systems in their entirety, from the machines’ direct outlet to connecting duct work, main duct work, risers, and fans.

Regular cleaning and maintenance significantly reduces the risk of fire and increases your system’s performance capability while lowering the stress on the fan motor.

Dependable Laundry Exhaust Cleaning Services 

If you run a business that deals with laundry, such as a dry-cleaning service or a hotel, you know how important it is to have a well-functioning dryer. Your customers depend on your dryer to keep their clothes clean and fresh, so any downtime could prove costly.

So when we say one of the largest sources of this downtime is fires caused by flammable lint and debris stuck in the dryer vent pipe, it’s easy to understand why you may want to have this important component of your business cleaned regularly. At Australian Filter and Duct Services, our laundry exhaust and duct cleaning services are designed to remove all sources of flammable lint and debris that could cause serious issues for your dryer. Whether you have a single dryer, manage a series of dryers in a laundry room, or even run a laundry-based facility with a complex exhaust vent system, we’ll make sure it’s clean, clear, and ready to serve your needs.

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Trusted experts for over 20 years

Australian Filter and Duct Services is the name customers have turned to for quality dryer vent cleaning services throughout the Sydney and the surrounding areas of NSW and ACT.

We understand that your business has unique and highly-specific cleaning needs, and we tailor our services to meet them, no matter how complex they may be. When it comes to laundry exhaust cleaning and laundry ventilation cleaning, we use the latest tools, powerful but safe chemicals, and skilled workmanship to obtain a result that is more thorough than any you’ve seen from anyone else.

For over 20 years, our company has done everything we can to support your business and keep you working as smoothly as possible. Today, we’re extremely proud of that reputation and want to continue our long-standing tradition of thorough and unmatched quality.

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Reduce the risks of commercial laundry fires

Commercial businesses are in danger of facing lost productivity, property replacement, and other costs that are impacted by laundry fire incidents when regular commercial laundry exhaust cleaning is not undertaken on a. regular basis. The majority commercial laundry fires of these fires are highly preventable, and there’s no excuse to take every precaution and regularly have this exhaust system cleaned.

If you use a washer and dryer in any way as a part of your business, there are some safety precautions you should follow. First, clean the dryer’s lint collector with every single load of laundry you do. This not only prevents the lint in the trap from catching fire but also prevents lint from getting into your exhaust system.

Second, have your laundry exhaust cleaned at least every six months. Those who use their washing machines significantly more often should consider having their system cleaned as often as every two to three months for optimal protection.

Turn to the experts at Australian Filter and Duct Services and get your laundry exhaust system cleaned by the best in NSW and ACT! Don’t forget to also ask about our kitchen exhaust cleaning when you request your quote today. We’re proud to serve commercial clients across Sydney, New South Wales and ACT.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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